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Dudley Services Inc., headquartered in
Woburn, MA is a highly specialized
vermiculite removal contractor providing personalized service for residential & commercial customers in
the Greater Boston Area.  

Video below showing how effective our proprietary vacuum system is for removing vermiculite and all other insulation in an attic space.  

Click the photo below for a description of what you are seeing

Asbestos Contractor License

since 1987:   # AC000112


We partner with all participating Mass Save Lead Vendors, HPC's & iiC's to streamline your Vermiculite extraction project and assist you with navigating the new Mass Save moderate and income eligible incentives offered for Vermiculite & asbestos removal

** New Mass Save Moderate Income incentives for 2024! 

There is a new Zip Code portal based on Area Median Income-

To see if you qualify for up to $7,000.00 off your Vermiculite removal project and 100 % weatherization click the link below **

What We Do

We Specialize in Vermiculite Removal

featuring our proprietary

"Bulk Extraction System Technology" 

Which we call the "BEST"  Process

Services We Provide

  • Onsite No Cost Estimates

  • Vermiculite & Asbestos prices combined

  • Complete Removal Services

  • Completion Documents 

  • Expedited Barium Testing  

  • Expert Advice for Scheduling

Professional Assistance

  • Quick Turnaround Times 

  • Convenient Online Payment System 
  • We Accept All Major Credit Cards      
  • We handle all required permitting                  

  • Expert guidance with ZAI Trust Claim Process

  • We help you navigate Mass Save Incentives 

Exclusive Services We Provide

  • No Cost Sampling and Mailing for Barium Testing

  • Two Week Turnaround Times on Barium Testing 

  • Price & Project  Evaluations Done Virtually 

  • Monitor Barium Results for Accuracy

 Let Dudley be your BEST choice! 

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Email us for an estimate now

--Yesterday's Newspaper--
Below are some compliments we have received from previous customers-- all nice & very appreciated. Our company's focus is always on today's job and future projects...we firmly believe "one can only be judged by their next performance"  

“Quick response and clear communication of expectations; excellent follow-up. Very professional service.”

“Everything went well, no problems & no surprises. On time & on budget what more can you ask for.”

“Fast, Clean and VERY PROFESSIONAL! “


“Excellent job, clean, neat and professional; very nice workers, polite, hard working. Best price out of 4 estimates.”

"The Dude abides. I don’t know about you but I take comfort in that."
Ask about the "Dude Discount" 

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