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Contact us

Mailing Address:

Dudley Services, Inc.

PO Box 132

Arlington, MA 02476

Contact Info:

Estimate Line: 617-981-4280

Main Office: 781-270-2650
Fax: 617-812-6488

Main Office:

150-L New Boston St. 

Woburn,MA 01801

How to Acquire an Estimate

Option 1:

Sending us an email to:

A great first step towards acquiring an estimate. Our experience has proven that email speeds up the estimating process. Listed below is some info you can provide us that will help move things along. 


Hint: copying the info in blue type below into a response email works great for an estimate request template...feel free to modify as needed.

  Looking to Get a Vermiculite or Asbestos Removal Quote


 --- Location of the Property:  

--- Any Photos of the Vermiculite or Asbestos (Please attach if available) :

--- Your name if you choose to provide : 

--- A convenient time when we can meet you or an agent :

--- Urgency of Estimate 

--- Buying or Selling Home?: 

--- Renovation Plans / Weatherizing / HVAC or Heat Pump Installation

  • **sending us an email for an estimate will save you time.  If you have the time to read the FAQ section of this website it really does help going forward.  "The more you know, the better the flow!".  Vermiculite issues can be complex and are not always "crystal clear" .. our goal is to make the process informed and painless for our customers.**  


Our response is typically within a very reasonable time. We often conduct estimates late in the afternoon and into the early evening. This accommodates most situations.  If it can be during the day, this is even better!  Early mornings are rare due to our focus on coordinating job sites.



Option 2:

Call us for an estimate. Our dedicated estimating line goes directly to voicemail

 617-981-4280 and is monitored frequently. Leave us a detailed message and we will get back to you in a timely manner. Delays in call backs are possible in the spring and fall-- email really is the best. 

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