Notice: We are scheduling estimates and abatement projects during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are mindful of our customers needs and will take necessary precautions with proper PPE ( we wear a mask without an exhalation valve) to protect our customers during our visit to your property.   If a face-time meeting is desired, please email us with that request.  Photos and videos of the area are very helpful when providing "ballpark" price ranges.   We do need to visit the site prior to scheduling any project. 

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Dudley Services Inc., headquartered in
Woburn, MA is a highly specialized
vermiculite removal contractor providing personalized service for residential & commercial customers in
the Greater Boston Area 

Video below showing how effective our proprietary vacuum system is for removing vermiculite and all other insulation in an attic space.  

Asbestos Contractor License

since 1987:   # AC000112

-- We Specialize in Vermiculite Removal

featuring our proprietary

     "High Powered-Bulk Extraction- HEPA Filtered Vacuum System"

    We have invested the time,capital & energy to make this system

a reality.  It took many years,well over 6 figures & a 

solid team of innovative & dedicated professionals to do it.

     Good news is---we have succeeded and are "ready to go"











-- We assist customers with

Product identification procedures for the ZAI Trust 

See link below for details:

-- We offer Expedited Barium Test Results

for the ZAI Trust mandates. 

A potential savings of over $4,000.00.

   --Over 300 Dudley clients have successfully 

finalized ZAI Trust claims. 

     --Our Exclusive two week turnaround time

for Barium Testing is a "no cost" service the

ZAI Trust allows us to provide our customers.

      You can now quickly comply with the requirements set forth by the ZAI Trust.

       Your budget numbers get resolved quickly & expertly.

      We procure the sample safely in your home,

create a chain of custody and then mail the sample

on your behalf. After two weeks we provide you with

the test results.  We cover the costs for handling & testing for

our customers (up to a $400.00 value).

     We also monitor the results so there are no discrepancies.

If there are discrepancies, we cover that cost as well.  

     Our expertise in all aspects of vermiculite issues

allow our customers to maximize the possibilities of

positive product identification with ZAI Trust mandates.

-- We inform and lead our customers throughout ALL STAGES of the insulation

    extraction & replacement process.  Vermiculite removal can be a complex

    event and our expert advice will assist you in all phases. 

    Our removal system was designed to keep you & your family safe

and to ensure there is no damage to the interior portions of your home. 


We follow the EPA's mandate of using

HEPA filtered vacuum process 

---Professional Office Assistance---

We have spent years creating a custom sales process for this new 

realm of asbestos abatement.  We email quotes in PDF format and 

make sure all forms are professionally filed on your behalf.  

We are mindful of our customers needs for every project and strive 

to anticipate all future questions.  

    A great resource for info on re-insulation

Let's stay #1!


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Below are some compliments we have received from previous customers-- all nice & very appreciated. Our company's focus is always on today's job and future projects...we firmly believe "one can only be judged by their next performance"  

“Quick response and clear communication of expectations; excellent follow-up. Very professional service.”

“Everything went well, no problems & no surprises. On time & on budget what more can you ask for.”

“Fast, Clean and VERY PROFESSIONAL! “


“Excellent job, clean, neat and professional; very nice workers, polite, hard working. Best price out of 4 estimates.”

"The Dude abides. I don’t know about you but I take comfort in that."

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The multiple layers of vermiculite seen under a microscope